CoinVault is a Stratis and Cirrus Non-Custodial HD wallet in your browser for Coins, Tokens, Identities, NFTs and more.

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A simple and easy crypto wallet accessible everywhere

CoinVault is a Non-Custodial HD wallet for Stratis (STRAX) and Cirrus (CRS). CoinVault also keeps your identities and keys safe, while allowing you to communicate securely and authenticate with web apps (Web3 provider).

CoinVault makes it simple & safe for users to interact with the Stratis blockchain with similar functionality to Metamask (Ethereum), such as interactions with web pages for message signing, login and more.

CoinVault supports management of multiple Stratis wallets and accounts, allowing users the total freedom of how they want to manage their assets.

The wallet allow users to store, send, receive, view tokens, view NFTs, and generally interact with smart contracts (future functionality).

CoinVault benefits

CoinVault is an extension that you install on your web browser, which is faster and easier than downloading large software, which is often the case when interacting with blockchains.

In less than a minute, you can install CoinVault and be ready to receive coins, tokens, create identities and more.

There is no verification of your identity required to use CoinVault, it is completely Non-Custodial, meaning that all your keys are stored locally on your device.

All the features in one place

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Future Roadmap

Estimating delivery of software is hard and very inaccurate, we provide our best effort estimation and delivery schedule.

The estimations may change, and we will provide updates to the community if and when delivery dates change.

Our development process will be public open source and we will have continuous releases.


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Our partners enable you to purchase crypto-currency in a seamless manner. You can find options for this within the wallet by going to the "Exchang" action on the dashboard.

If you represent a crypto-currency exchange, NFT marketplace or other related services, please contact us for business meetings regarding potential partnerships and custom integrations.

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